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Tony Tellado, Host/Producer

Jan 28, 2011

It's always nice to welcome Brian Herbert And Kevin J. Anderson to chat about their newest novel original collaboration, Hellhole.As always we also preview the latest Dune Novel that they are working on as well. Special thanks to Tor Books. Music is by Victor Stellar.

Jan 10, 2011

Interviews with Anthony Stewart Head and Katie McGrath on the upcoming season and maybe a peak at season 4. Special thanks to the SyFy Channel and Gary Miereanu. Music is by Victor Stellar

Jan 7, 2011

Press Conference with Colin Morgan and Bradley James discussing the upcoming season and looking at the relationship between Arthur and Merlin. Special thanks to Gary Mierneau and the SyFy Channel. Music is by Victor Stellar.

Jan 3, 2011

Jane Badler, Laura Vandervoort and Morena Baccarin spoke to us reporters at New York Comic Con about the new season of V. Joining them was also executive producer Steve Perlman. Music is by Victor Stellar