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Tony Tellado, Host/Producer

Aug 31, 2011

Second in this series has interviews with some of Star Trek's guest stars in films and television. Included are John DeLancie,Alfre Woodard and James Cromwell. Music is by Victor Stellar.


Aug 29, 2011

He has worked on some very big films like this summer's Green Lantern, Super 8 plus Star Trek, Piranha 3D, Tron Legacy, and Avatar. Music is by Digital Grey Orchestra. Special thanks to McClure And Associates Public Relations.Taped at San Diego Comic Con.

Aug 26, 2011

A look at Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark with comments from Guillermo DelToro, Katie Holmes and Bailee Madison. My new Author's Spotlight is on AJ Scudiere on her novel God's Eye and her other works. My Filmmaker Spotlight has the concluding interview with Revenge Director/Co-Writer Brandon Quaranto. Theme is by Victor...

Aug 24, 2011

Two conversations with Dune co-author Kevin J Anderson on working on the last two books of Frank Herbert's original Dune story. Music is by Victor Stellar.


Aug 22, 2011

Joining us reporters at the roundtables at SDCC were Executive Producer Zak Penn, Actor David Strathairn who is Dr Lee Rosen and Executive Producer Ira Steven Behr. Special thanks to the SyFy Channel. Music is by George Wood.