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Tony Tellado, Host/Producer

Jun 30, 2013

Interview on the film, Maniac with the star and director as they discuss how they made the POV film work from the eyes of the killer played by Elijah Wood.

Jun 27, 2013

A look at White House Down with comments from Jaime Foxx and Channing Tatum. Plus a preview of The Lone Ranger and Red 2 with comments from Armie Hammer and Bruce Willis. Joe Rogan talks about finding Big Foot for his new series, Joe Rogan Questions Everything. Colin Cunningham talks more of character in this season's...

Jun 26, 2013

Interview with composer and editor of Superman Returns from 2006.

Jun 25, 2013

Interview with Interview With A Vampire and A Company Of Wolves director who talks about his latest Byzantium about two female vampires' centuries long journey.

Jun 24, 2013

Interview to preview Season 3 of Falling Skies and his character of Pope who now runs a black market and watering hole. Plus we chat about his own filmmaking projects.