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Tony Tellado, Host/Producer

Jul 31, 2014

This episode features Arrow, The Walking Dead And More. From February 12, 2014

Jul 28, 2014

I chatted with this talented and multi-faceted actor about his new role in the space opera Space Command plus his role as Cochise in Falling Skies

Jul 25, 2014

I catch up with this talented young star as we chat about her new role on Continuum plus being a presenter at the recent Saturn Awards.


Jul 23, 2014

I catch up with this prolific author on his latest book, The Little Green Book Of Chairman Rama plus his collaborations with Kevin J Anderson in the Dune and Hellhole series.

#BrianHerbert #Dune #Hellhole

Jul 21, 2014

Interview with the writer and the director of this ground breaking SF film about a young hispanic woman who has the ability to make dreams become real. 

#Isa, #RobertNestorMarquez